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WritingCorrection.com is intended primarily for students  and academics (including non-native speakers) who want to improve their reports and essays in school, college, university, and beyond.



Proof-reading/Copy Editing

Read your work carefully, word by word, sentence by sentence. Do not skim read or cut corners. If you have someone correct your work, ask them to use MS Word Correction and use the 'Review' function as it records changes. The changes will appear in a different colour.

Check carefully so as not to make the same mistakes next time!



Style Editing

Seek advice on your writing style and what you need to do in terms of structure and content to improve your essay. Aim to learn from the experience so your writing will improve.

* Click on the buttons in the left margin to find useful writing advice.



Need a good school or writing teacher?

This is just an information-based website; we do not offer teaching. But remember, it is important to get good advice because some schools are much better than others.


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