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Writing about Yourself

People write about themselves for various reasons:

bullet To introduce yourself for a job

    Show you can do the job; show you are better than other applicants.

bullet To introduce yourself to study in university

    Show you are worthy or entry; that you can add value to the course; and that you will be able to complete you studies.

bullet To introduce yourself in a meeting

    Be cordial; explain your background; mention the company or organisation; mention certain members; be fair.

bullet To introduce something you have created

    Explain your background; introduce your creation or idea; show its merits and why it is better; involve the audience - ask for feedback.

bullet To introduce a service you want to sell

    Explain your background; introduce your service; explain why it is beneficial; involve the audience – ask for feedback.

When writing about yourself you have to be careful to give the reader enough information to make an informed decision while at the same time being careful not to overstate your case. Words should not be wasted so limit yourself to information that connects the dots between your personal self, relevant experience, relevant education, and relevant training. Sometimes, just hinting in a certain direction is enough to cause the interviewer to ask you a predicted follow-up question. Raising curiosity invites questions and stimulates memory of you.

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