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Writing your university admission letter

In many countries, writing for admission to a university is a case of simply filling out a multitude of forms. Sometimes, you are asked to write a short paragraph therein explaining your intentions. Other times, you might be asked to write a little more, or even a separate letter or essay outlining your motives.  For a higher degree, you will need to write your thesis proposal.

In writing for admission it is obvious that you need to persuade the reader that first, you are worthy of entry and second, that you have the capability to undertake and complete the required studies. There is no point repeating information you made in the general application. Instead, use this opportunity to expand on something you have done and show how it relates to what you want to study. If possible, show how your experience to date could be of value to the course. It goes without saying that you will also be judged on your ability to write!

Note: This letter should not be too long as readers may have to sift through many before making a decision and thus a concise to-the-point approach will ensure a healthy chance of success.


* Once you have written your Admission Letter, send it for us to check.

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