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Cause & Effect




Some things are related by cause and effect: Something happens and there are consequences, an action is taken and a result occurs. For example, if we use all the oil before we create sufficient alternative sources of energy, modern life will be severely disrupted.

Possible cause-effect relations ships:

  • Nuclear power – survival of the modern lifestyle (no oil)

  • Commercial fishing – ocean deserts

  • A lie – OK in the short run to get out of trouble but may lead to more trouble later

  • Global warming – melting glaciers – lower fresh water supply

  • Rapid economic development – loss of traditional culture

    It is important to first find a topic that has a clear cause and effect relationship. As a writer, your primary task is to convince the reader that the cause leads to the effect. There are two main ways to explain cause and effect in an essay:

  • Focus on the cause

  • Focus on the effect

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