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Writing your cover letter

The purpose of the cover letter is to get past the first stage and arrive at the interview. First, you need to decide if the job is really for you and that you are not just applying for a position that is over your head thereby wasting everyone's time. Before writing your cover letter you should have at hand a CV that suits the target job and be careful to match the two.

The cover letter should include your name, address, contact details, date, and job reference number if applicable. For best effect, you should find out to whom you are writing and address the letter directly to them, using their name and title.

Cover letters should be specific to each job and should explain, in simple terms, without fancy language, why you are suitable. To do this it is vital to read the job description carefully. Next, find out what you can about the company: What it does, its purpose, its size, and try to visualise what the detailed role of the job actually is. Writing the letter with this in mind offers a better chance for success as it will show the reader you are indeed familiar with what the role requires. However, it is not sensible to overstate your case. The Smart Alec with good research but no relative job experience will simply fall short at the interview, and if successful, will perform dismally on the job.

Some general rules of thumb are:


Introduce yourself and why you are applying


Make sure that you respond to as many items on the job description as possible


Explain in a way that shows you understand the job and the job's environment


* Once you have written your Cover Letter, send it for us to check.

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