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Short Essay




The short essay outline is extremely useful for a number reasons. It might be a simple overview of a larger topic. It might be a strategy you wish to pursue in business. Or it might be practice for an ESOL exam (IELTS, CAMBRIDGE, TOEIC, TEFL). Whatever your purpose, it is short, simple, and straight to the point.

Introductory paragraph

The introduction includes the thesis statement, which provides the entire focus of the essay. The thesis statement is simply telling the reader what you are writing about. It is also a very good idea to include a hook sentence that relates to the general theme, something to carry you over into the next section.

Body: Paragraph 1

Relate to the hook above and then begin to argue your point. For simplicity, put the topic in the first sentence. It can be the second, or even the third, but in such a short piece of writing you really have to keep it simple and to the point. Write your strongest argument here and follow up with a good example. If possible, try to have the last sentence hook in to the first of the next paragraph.

Body: Paragraph 2

Follow up the first paragraph with another strong argument. The better you can link to ideas in the previous and succeeding paragraphs the better, but do not repeat the same argument – you must make a different point. Do not wander off at a tangent.

Body: Paragraph 3

If making an argument, in a simple essay state the weakest argument last. Contrastingly, you might wish to add credence by recognising the opposing view. The reader should by now be ready to predict your conclusion.

Concluding paragraph

Link to the original hook to maintain interest. This is often easier said than done but it will be worth the effort if successful. If the reader catches the hook and enjoys what he reads he will likely remember it long afterwards.

Basically, the conclusion summarises the main points made, which in effect restates the original thesis statement, but not word for word.

Finally, it is good to give a suggestion of some description. The suggestion should be simple and will be more effective if it appeals to those on either side of the argument.

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