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I made this page to help you learn English for the TOEIC test. Basically, there are three stages in TOEIC.

First off all, I am not a believer in this test. My advice is to not study for this test. Instead, just study English for an extended period. Of course, before taking the test it is necessary to study how the test works but studying English via TOEIC books will not help you learn English, nor will it be enjoyable.


  1. Learn English ... a lot of English!
  2. Practice for the test using a TOEIC textbook
  3. Take the test

#1 is what you need to concentrate most time on. If you want to improve your score a lot, then #1 is what you really need. The best way to improve your TOEIC score is to study and practice English - a little every day. When at home by yourself, you can read English books. Start with an easy one first. Choose a book that has been translated into Japanese and read the Japanese version first. You can also listen to music - but read and study the lyrics first. Study ten or more songs, download them them to your phone, and listen to them while on the train. You can also watch/listen to movies - but make sure to read about 10 minutes of your favourite part of the script first so that you fully understand what you are listening to. And watch/listen to that same part several times.  Make sure to choose a movie that has Japanese audio or subtitles and watch that version first so that you fully understand. Learning English can be fun but you do have to do a little study first to prepare yourself well. If you do all this, your TOEIC score will improve and you won't even know why.

#2 is what you need to do to learn about how to do the TOEIC test. You will learn what it is. You will learn how it works. You will learn some useful test taking strategies. If you only do #2, your score will improve, but just a little. What you really need to do is more of #1 above.

#3 is the test. Just do it!

bulletClick on the links to find recommended books, music, and movies.
bulletIf you search the internet, you will be able to find many more.
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