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Writing for Websites

The following is not a comprehensive list of required criteria, nor are the items explained in great detail. If you are reading this, odds are you have an inkling of what it means to write a website. Accordingly, the following ideas need to be taken into account. If you do not know what certain terms mean, find out!

Concepts: Web pages, not Website; Different keywords on each page; One page, one topic, one key message.

Page topics: Provide information (products / services); Specific / range of products; Direct sales; Attract customers / members; Create lists of customers; Save money on publicity; Get feedback (products / services); Provide information to members.

Aim for high quality content: Ease of use; Quick to download; Easy to find; Easy to read; Be credible; Be profitable.

The kind of response you want: Comments; Bookmarks; Visit another page; Visit another site (links); Inquiries etc. Consider carefully: META description; META keywords.

Names and Titles: Page title; Alt img tags; Noframes tags; Comments tags; Headings H1-H6.

Put keywords in title, headings, body text, META, hyperlinks. Have a unique set of keywords for each individual page.

First 10, 20, 50 words to be a complete set.

Doorways: Submit several pages to search engines.

Regularly change and resubmit pages to search engines every 6 weeks or so.

Hand out emails to staff. Add company signature at bottom of emails.

Font: Dark text / pale background (unlike this site); No italics at all they blur; Left-align only; No tiny text, no invisible text, unnecessary repetition of keywords, not too many keywords in META tag.

Plain English: Short sentences of 15-20 words. Avoid: Phrasal verbs, negatives, slang, unusual idioms or idiomatic phrases.

Write to be scan read: Use many headings and specific headings. Hyperlink headings work well as people like to use them to skip through pages. 3-5 bullet points are good.

People scan/skim-read webpages, they do not scroll much.

Do not assume all have big screens.

Links relevant ones with keywords. Write articles for other sites' newsletters they will link to you. Post regularly on related discussion boards.

Frames: Can be trouble for search engines. Create a NOFRAMES tag and put real content inside, near the top.

Tables: Not near the top. Pics: Not near top.

Inspire trust: Worthwhile content; User friendly; Good writing/content; Moneyback guarantee (on products/services); Company name (and sometimes address) on every page; Promise not to sell info; Links to elsewhere; Last update month; URL on business cards.


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