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Spelling is very important in writing. When writing using a computer always remember to use the spell checker. There really is no excuse for spelling mistakes in an essay written using a computer.

Things to note with spell checkers:

1 If you type the wrong word and spell it correctly then the computer will think it is OK.

2  Spelling varies from region to region and the spell checker needs to be set up accordingly. For example: colour (UK) - color (US)

3  Some spell checkers have an automatic correction facility. Sometimes, the word is corrected into a different word.

4  Some spell checkers incorporate a grammar check function. These can be handy for non-native speakers but the fact is that they are not always perfect so should not be trusted 100%.


* Make sure to proof-read your writing after you have finished. It is best to wait a couple of days because the mind can find it difficult to spot mistakes in familiar text that you have just written. Better still is to have someone else read through it. If you find any mistakes here, let me know!

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