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Tips for writing a short IELTS essay, either for Task 1 or Task 2

Many students aim to get IELTS Level 5 or 6. You can make a few mistakes and still get Level 5 if it makes sense. To achieve Level 6 your writing must have few mistakes and be fairly easy to read. The most important thing to get straight is the logic. Just keep it simple - it is not rocket science.

1  Read the question very carefully. Then read it again - make sure you understand.

2  Make a plan. List the ideas you will mention and the things you will use as examples. Jot down a few suitable key words and grammatical items that fit the topic.

3  Write.

General Writing Practice - keep it simple

1  First, choose a subject that interests you. Let's say you like cars.

2  Next, try to narrow the subject down to something you can write about. Let's say you have a jeep and you know a lot about jeeps based upon your experience of owning one.

3  Now come up with a statement about your topic: "Jeeps are the best type of transport." This will be your thesis statement or 'hook'.

4  To write your paper, answer the question "Why?" at least five times. A jeep is best because ... "they are strong," or "jeeps can go anywhere," or "jeeps are neither too slow nor too fast - they are just right." Follow up each statement with a convincing example. "For example, I have never been stuck in the mud."

5  Offer some negative points to show you understand any weaknesses in your argument.

6  Write a brief conclusion that summarises the points you have made. "Clearly, jeeps are best because they are strong and can go anywhere."

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