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It is essential to plan your essay before writing. Good planning ensures that you know where you are going. While computers allow us to cut, copy, and paste - to get away without good planning to a degree - writing in pen in an examination format requires the utmost care and this skill needs to be developed and maintained, not forgotten.

A good story can generate a lot of interest if well written but little or none at all if done badly.

Brainstorming: Get your ideas on paper as soon as possible. Asking others for their ideas can also help. Figure out the main points you need to make.

Plan, or Outline: Organise your ideas in logical sequence. Arrange your paragraph ideas so they link other smoothly. Done well, you simply have to flesh out the plan to create the essay.

Include 'language' in your plan. This could be varied grammar, idiom, simile, rhyme, and quotes with sources, etc.

Rough Draft: With the plan in place you now have to flesh it out and fill in all the details. For simplicity, each sentence makes a point, each paragraph explains one idea, and each section has a beginning, middle, and end.

Final Draft: Work with your editor/proof-reader to iron out problems to create a better result.


* Click on the example plans to the left for an idea of how to start.

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